Criminal Case Cheats – Facebook

Criminal Case Cheats – Facebook 

criminal case cheats Criminal Case Cheats   Facebook

Criminal Case Cheats is latest working cheats for Criminal Case Facebook. With Criminal Case Cheats you can get free coins, refill your criminal case energy, and freeze your game time to get high score  and earn more stars. Criminal Case Cheats is free and easy to use, you can download it on the link below.

About Criminal Case

Criminal Case is Facebook game developed by Pretty Simple Games. It’s a criminal investigation-themed hidden object game.

Criminal Case casts players in the roll of a new member of the police force who is tasked with solving a variety of brutal crimes. The first case acts as a tutorial, with the player being introduced to the various components of gameplay one by one, and then subsequent cases become increasingly lengthy and complex as the player progresses.

How to Cheat Criminal Case

Criminalcase 1 272x300 Criminal Case Cheats   Facebook

Download Criminal Case Cheats – Facebook from the link below. Make sure your Facebook Criminal Case is open on background. Key in your Facebook login id and tick which browser you are using. Supported browser are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. Remember to update your browser to latest version. Tick coins and input how many coins you want to add in to your game, and tick Energy refill to refill your energy (max 60). Then just press the “Get Coins and Energy” button and wait untill the button change to “Done”. Then go to your game and refresh your browser to update your coins and energy.

Time Freeze is a function to slow down the timer in your Criminal Case game, just press the “Start” button and it will change to “Running”. Then you can press F9 to freeze the game timer whenever you want then you can slowly find the hidden object and click on them. Press F10 to stop the freeze, complete the stage in 5 sec!

criminalcase2 272x300 Criminal Case Cheats   Facebook

How to Download Criminal Case Cheats?

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Criminal Case Cheats

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